Digestivo Monte Verità

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According to ancient tradition, the Italian term “digestivo” refers to a pleasant drink made from wines or spirits and herbs that promotes digestion.
The Digestivo Monte Verità was created by herb and tea specialist Peter Oppliger. In addition to green tea from the Monte Verità tea plantation, Digestivo contains valuable, aromatic medicinal herbs, some of which grow wild in Ticino and are collected. The green tea and herbal extracts are mixed with the best Malaga wine in the TERRENI ALLA MAGGIA winery and stored for some time until their aromas are fully developed and harmonised. The deliberately low alcohol content of maximum 21% is sufficient for preservation, even after the bottle has been opened. Digestivo Monte Verità is a pure, effective and tasty natural product without added sugar, colouring, preservatives or other artificial ingredients. It thus corresponds to the idea of a traditional digestivo and pays tribute to the founders of Monte Verità with their legendary healthy lifestyle. Enjoy Digestivo Monte Verità after a meal or whenever your stomach craves it.

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